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Holiday Scene

You walk into the living room and a blast of cinnamon over comes your nose. You hear loud festive holiday music blasting in your ear. You see your friends and family. Red and green everywhere. You feel warm and cheerful because its holiday time. You see warm colors and giant green Christmas tree covered in the most beautiful ornaments. You see crispy apple pie and some green mistletoe hanging across the room on a ceiling fan. The music slows down, children run outside, and people start to pair up with each other. Everyone dances a simple waltz and you feel a spence of Christmas.

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Losing a Friend

Losing a friend is awful especially when she was your best friend for several years. In elementary school I had a friend named Jaclyn. We were as close as two friends could be. We never ever got into fights. I would go to her house almost every weekend. It was great until 5th Grade when she told me she got accepted into Regents Private School, and that she was going there for 6th grade. It felt like someone had just ripped my heart out and jumped all over it. It all went down hill from there. Our whole friendship sunk like the titanic. When summer came it was really over. I told her to talk to me a lot, and never hesitate to call. The first day of sixth grade was extremely hard without her by my side. I still text her every now and again, but we will never be as close as we were before again.

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