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Seventh Grade Reflection

When I first got to school in august I expected it to be extremely hard. I thought that there would be tons of homework, and lots of new stuff. But soon that thought changed. It wasn’t so bad! Sure there was some decent amount of homework, and yeah there was some new stuff but overall it was all terrible. By October my school life was pretty good. But then I found out I had a B in science. I knew what I had to do to bring that to an A. I went in for lunch to really understand the lessons and finally I brought that B to a solid A.

In seventh grade I learned so much! I learned a LOT more vocabulary in English. We have these packets that would be due every Wednesday, and then on Thursday we would have a quiz on the new words. Usually there would be 4 at a time, and you would be tested on all the words at the end of the 4 packets. I also learned some new math skills. I learned about negative exponents and how to understand them. One other thing I learned is Spanish. I new a couple words at the beginning, but now I can say lots of words and sentences. I can even translate a whole paragraph!

As this year comes to an end, I can’t start to slack off. I have to keep my grades high. If I had to do this year over again, I would. I mean sure, it’s had its ups and downs, but over all this year hasn’t been completely awful. My advice for the incoming seventh graders is to not fall behind. For one thing it’s not fun to play catch up, and two you have yo do a lot to get back on track. So I suggest to stay on top of everything or life will be terrible.

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Wisdom Comes From Memories

I was on the blue floor, shaking, sweating, but ready to go. My coach, Levi, told me come on I know you can do this! I swung my arms up and out, reached back, and fell. I told you I just can’t! I said as I got up from the ground. “Okay come on try one more time.” Levi said. One more I thought as I reached back and jumped, tucked, and stuck the landing.

I did it.

I finally got my standing back tuck, all by myself I might add. I was so excited I ran to Levi and gave him a giant hug. I said “thanks” he replied ” I knew you had it in you kid.”


Expository- How Texting is Dangerous

Remember that one time an unknown number texted you and you responded back to them. Well you never know what that person knows about you to this day. This is why texting can be a threat to your life.

For instance you could be texting a stranger and tell them personal info. You could think your texting your mom and telling her the events in your day, but eventually you find out its not your mom. Wouldn’t that be scary to know you just gave personal info to someone you don’t know. Therefore giving info to a stranger can cause serious damage.

Furthermore people can use your texts against you. You could be tick, tick, ticking all day about a fight in school and that person can use that info against you. Man it doesn’t feel too good when someone has proof to use your words against you. So don’t send personal info via text message or it will come and bite you in the butt.

In the end you should never do something you would regret in the future. Just remember texting can affect your life with anyone. Next time I almost send a regretful text, I should just text it on my Barbie phone.


My Puppy

I had a black morkie poo, her name was Ellie. She was everything you could ever ask for in a pet. She was sweet, she was playful, she was cuddly, she was like my child, but one day-new years eve 2009-Ellie got very sick. My family and I had to rush her to the hospital. When we got there she was immediately put on an IV. She was wrapped in billions of blankets because she was as cold as ice. As my parents filled out paperwork my sister and I stayed in the waiting room where I cried my eyes out. I was so scared that Ellie was gonna die. She stayed for several days, and everyday me and my dad would go see her. It broke my heart to see my little baby laying there not eating or drinking or doing ANYTHING. Over about 2-3 weeks she fully recovered and got to come home.

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Losing a Friend

Losing a friend is awful especially when she was your best friend for several years. In elementary school I had a friend named Jaclyn. We were as close as two friends could be. We never ever got into fights. I would go to her house almost every weekend. It was great until 5th Grade when she told me she got accepted into Regents Private School, and that she was going there for 6th grade. It felt like someone had just ripped my heart out and jumped all over it. It all went down hill from there. Our whole friendship sunk like the titanic. When summer came it was really over. I told her to talk to me a lot, and never hesitate to call. The first day of sixth grade was extremely hard without her by my side. I still text her every now and again, but we will never be as close as we were before again.

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Rain is never the same, sometimes it comes down pouring and sometimes it’s just a little sprinkle. For instance the weekend of Columbus Day the rain was pouring and pouring. It was like someone was pouring buckets of water all over Austin. My pool flooded, Barton springs flooded, and even ACL, Austin City Limits, got cancelled. I got about a billion flash flood warnings on my phone too. All this rain made that weekend very boring! I couldn’t really go outside because it was basically raining cats and dogs! Although I think we defiantly needed the rain.

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I love Christmas, it might be my favorite holiday. Every Christmas Eve we go to my grandparents house in Georgetown and we all give presents to each other. It’s the best. When we get home me and my sisters all sleep down stairs and watch all these fun Christmas movies! Somethings we even play scene it. Then in the morning we all open our presents from Santa and eat a wonderful homemade breakfast. My mom makes all kinds of good stuff like eggs, waffles, pancakes, bacon, etc. In conclusion I love Christmas because I think it brings my family closer together!



Getting braces was one of the scariest thought ever. I knew I would have to get them some day but not July 9, 2013. It was a hot summer day in Austin, TX I had knew I had a orthodontist appointment. My mom said they were just going to get a mold of my mouth and maybe get some spacers, but little did I know I was getting braces. I walked in and they told me to come on back, they told me that the were going to get a mold of my mouth and I would not be getting braces today. Then they told me they wanted to talk to me, so I walked back and then she said there was a cancelation and that they were going to put my braces on. I was shaking I didn’t know how I would look, or how they would feel, or anything. After the whole process was over I realized it wasn’t to bad, and I didn’t look to horrible. In the end braces was a pretty good experience for me.


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