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I Am From

I am from a swimming pool
From trampolines and lots of clothes
I am from the yummy smell of cookies
I am form the sunflowers
I’m from the rose bush whose beautiful pink roses I loved so much
I’m from sharings and movie nights
I’m from Elyse and Robyn
I’m from muffin mornings and various card games and from UT football games
I’m from the tooth fairy and bed bugs and row row row your boat
I’m from game night
I’m from Austin and Westlake
I’m from bacon and burgers
I’m from my sister driving us to Buda
When we were suppose to go to the dentist
I’m from Cheer trophies
On my wall
All of these things are a part of me

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Getting braces was one of the scariest thought ever. I knew I would have to get them some day but not July 9, 2013. It was a hot summer day in Austin, TX I had knew I had a orthodontist appointment. My mom said they were just going to get a mold of my mouth and maybe get some spacers, but little did I know I was getting braces. I walked in and they told me to come on back, they told me that the were going to get a mold of my mouth and I would not be getting braces today. Then they told me they wanted to talk to me, so I walked back and then she said there was a cancelation and that they were going to put my braces on. I was shaking I didn’t know how I would look, or how they would feel, or anything. After the whole process was over I realized it wasn’t to bad, and I didn’t look to horrible. In the end braces was a pretty good experience for me.


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