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My Puppy

I had a black morkie poo, her name was Ellie. She was everything you could ever ask for in a pet. She was sweet, she was playful, she was cuddly, she was like my child, but one day-new years eve 2009-Ellie got very sick. My family and I had to rush her to the hospital. When we got there she was immediately put on an IV. She was wrapped in billions of blankets because she was as cold as ice. As my parents filled out paperwork my sister and I stayed in the waiting room where I cried my eyes out. I was so scared that Ellie was gonna die. She stayed for several days, and everyday me and my dad would go see her. It broke my heart to see my little baby laying there not eating or drinking or doing ANYTHING. Over about 2-3 weeks she fully recovered and got to come home.

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