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Oh No!

It was a beautiful Saturday in Texas, until the unexpected happened.
My friends and I were playing on her little brothers mini motorcycle. It looked so fun, so easy. I was ready I had my helmet on and I was ready to go. They got off and it was finally my turn. I whipped my leg over the seat and my hand was pressed down on the oddly shaped break. I released the break and the tires rolled on the muddy grass. My head was spinning, I couldn’t budge the handle bars. I came closer and closer to a giant puddle. Frantically my hand searched for the break, pushing down on anything to make the bike stop. I couldn’t though. Milliseconds later I found my self falling-feeling the muffler rub against my knee. I was down. Somebody pinch me I was thinking to myself, it’s just a bad dream. But no it was all real. My friends bolted over to me while I scrambled to get the bike off of me. I looked down to see the damage.
My knee.
I sat there for a second in shock. I had just been burned, and it wasn’t going away so easy.

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