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My Favorite Toy

It was Christmas of 2007, I was about six at the time, and there was a large beautifully wrapped present calling to me the whole morning. Finally later in the day my parents allowed me to see what it was. Sitting on our green couch, I was dying to see what was under the golden wrapping paper. Seconds after I screamed with joy to see it was a EasyBake Oven. I was ecstatic, and I immediately plugged it in.

The oven was white and turquoise with pink writing. It also came with cheetah print tong! As soon as it heated up my sister and I made bite size brownies. They were delicious! I would always bake when I got home from school because I loved it so much. It was so important to me because when I was little I wanted to be a pastry chef.

I still have my EasyBake Oven in tip top shape, and every once in awhile I’ll go turn it on to make some rockin brownies. I will never forget that Christmas that I got my beautiful EasyBake Oven. (See for yourself what it looked like below)



Austin Expository

People laughing, chilling on Lake Austin, surfing, having a good time. This is one of the many ways Austin, Texas is a great place to visit.

One reason is in Austin is always hot so you can go swimming. For example, Barton Springs, a great place to party with friends, hang in the fresh water spring, tan, etc. The water is a little chilly, but on a hot summer day it feels like heaven. Once your done swimming around you can walk down to Sno-beach, a magical place with the best snow-cones ever. Oh how I love my snow-cones. For people that love the heat Austin is the place to be.

Another reason is the food. Austin has the best Mexican food EVER! For example Chuy’s, a Mexican restaurant, is fabulous. They have hand made tortillas, fresh chips, creamy queso, and much more. They make the building very comfortable by greeting you at the and by having very helpful servers. I could literally eat the whole restaurant. If your craving some queso and ready for a snow-cone you better get over to Austin as fast as possible.

Austin has some of the best things on earth. Barton Springs and Tex-Mex food is just the beginning of it. You know what they say, ” Everything is better in Texas!” You should open your horizons sometimes, try something new, come to Austin! You never know how good it is until you try it.

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