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on September 6, 2013

Getting braces was one of the scariest thought ever. I knew I would have to get them some day but not July 9, 2013. It was a hot summer day in Austin, TX I had knew I had a orthodontist appointment. My mom said they were just going to get a mold of my mouth and maybe get some spacers, but little did I know I was getting braces. I walked in and they told me to come on back, they told me that the were going to get a mold of my mouth and I would not be getting braces today. Then they told me they wanted to talk to me, so I walked back and then she said there was a cancelation and that they were going to put my braces on. I was shaking I didn’t know how I would look, or how they would feel, or anything. After the whole process was over I realized it wasn’t to bad, and I didn’t look to horrible. In the end braces was a pretty good experience for me.

4 Responses to “Braces”

  1. Ruby Pulido says:

    How is getting barces? does it hurt? I might have to get braces so I want to know does your mouth get num after you get braces? does it hurt to get them tightened

  2. domoniquef300 says:

    I have braces too and I absolutely hate them! I got mine on my birthday.

  3. mckennonr511 says:

    i never got braces dos it hurt

  4. taylord262 says:

    Now I don’t want braces!:(

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